Did you ever think, which people can change our history? Which people can influence others by dynamics and content of their life? Which people have made the US move the way it moves now? These people are not ones who have millions on their banking accounts. They don’t have tremendous estates and sometimes they even don’t have much power. But the thing distinguishing them from an overall mass of people is in their heart, how they feel about people around, how they can help them. Life of Elizabeth Ann Seton, a woman of love and strong character, is a great example.

The history of her life

She had been born 2 years before the US declared its independence from Great Britain. She had lost her mother when she was only 3 so she was brought up by a church social minister Charlotte Amelia Barclay. She often took Elizabeth to participate in her charitable rounds helping to distribute food and supplies to poor children. Even after her father broke up with Charlotte, her influence has helped Elisabeth choose her mission so that she devoted her later life to children of the poor.

At the age of 19, Elizabeth Ann married William Seton, a wealthy businessman earning on trade with France. They were living a happy life in a fashionable New York district when suddenly the war closed a door to all imports from France. The bad news worsened William’s health invoking a complication of tuberculosis. Soon by doctors’ recommendations, he moved to Italy where he died leaving his wife and 5 children. Staying in Italy, Elizabeth Ann has been converted to Catholicism. After 3 years she received a confirmation and started an academy for young ladies.

After 3 difficult years, Elizabeth Ann Seton obtained an invitation from a Sulpician fathers’ community and went to Emmitsburg. Due to a Samuel Cooper’s help, she was given a land where she could start the first school dedicated to Catholic girls’ education. She has also gathered a group of women establishing a foundation for future Sisters of Charity devoted to helping poor children. After 12 years of ministry, she died at the age of 46 and her remnants are now at Basilica in the National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

How can you pay a tribute to Elizabeth Ann Seton?

Don’t think that submitting donations and charitable contributions is a single way to honor the memory of St. Elizabeth Ann. Come to Emmitsburg, visit National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, walk the roads she has been walking, feel precious atmosphere in this place. Remember that even if you need to come from outside the US, you can still save money with travel cards offering easy ways for donation, free miles on airlines, and free nights in hotel networks.

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