The National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Shrine, built to commemorate life and mission of the first American saint, is a place, which everyone can attend for joining a mass or paying tribute for what she has been doing throughout her life. For those who want to know more about Elizabeth Seton’s life, Shrine organizes excursions which are available every hour. However, if it is still not enough for you and you want to feel conditions and difficulties she has been facing – nothing stops you from joining monthly Mountain to Valley tour.

What is so amazing in this tour?

If you only want to visit a Shrine and know history of the first American saint, an hourly excursion will be more than enough. But if you want to see her story in details, feel atmosphere where she lived and worked, it is still not enough. The Mountain to Valley tour was established for digging you in that atmosphere for 2 days so that you can see an uncovered reality of where she lived and ministered visiting four sites:

  1. Legendary St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Shrine. Here you can see a modern state of a piece of land where Elizabeth Ann lived and worked. Here you can see a basilica, where her tomb is located, the Stone House, the White Houses where she worked with first Sisters of Charity, and the St. Joseph cemetery. Here you can feel relaxing and spirit-filled atmosphere fulfilling that place from an entrance to a garden’s end;
  2. The National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. This place stayed an inspiration for many people including founders of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary and Elisabeth Ann. Her life was never easy so here she has been obtaining strength and inspiration for going further, helping poor Catholic children get a modest education;
  3. National Fallen Firefighters Memorial with a 9/11 monument “To lift the nation” located near the Shrine. Although they do not commemorate activities of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, they still stay worth visiting as heroes of this Memorial have lost their lives for other people;
  4. Catoctin region: this is a region where St. Elisabeth has been living and teaching children. You can explore the mountains with a variety of parks getting a taste of the beauty of this region with its wonderful nature.


How to organize your visit?

Mountain to Valley tour is held every month. Don’t forget bringing a travel credit card with you. It will not only allow you to benefit from free miles on airline and free nights in hotels, it will also become a useful tool for donating to the Shrine.

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