The National Shrine of Elizabeth Ann Seton event

The National Shrine of Elizabeth Ann Seton has never been a place only for regular masses and pilgrimages. Throughout the year its owners organize a lot of free events welcoming everyone who wants to participate. Some events are for Catholics, some are for children, anyway, they all are good grounds for visiting the holy place.

Main categories of events at the Shrine

Shrine annually organizes multiple events paying tribute to Catholic religion and key events of St. Elizabeth Seton life. Participation in all these celebrations and ceremonies is free of charge. This place welcomes every visitor no matter of religious or political views. We can divide all these events into 4 categories:

  1. Charity concerts: Williamsport Community Band, Mount St. Mary’s Chorale, and Emmitsburg Community Choir are frequent guests in Shrine’s Basilica. Attend these concerts to hear beautiful music sounds honoring life and legacy of the first saint of the US (who also loved music, especially piano);
  2. Festive masses during major Catholic celebrations: organizers of Shrine celebrate Christmas Eve, New Year, the Holy hour, and Easter with specially-organized festive sermons. Joining it you will have an opportunity to feel real spiritual atmosphere coming out from a daily routine for spending these days as never before;
  3. Events commemorating key dates in life and mission of St. Elizabeth Ann: If you honor Elizabeth Ann Seton life and mission, you are more than welcome to visit Shrine during her Feast day on the 4th of January and a Garden Blessing on the 20th of May. Coming to this place at these dates is the best way for paying a tribute to these events;
  4. Children festivals and pilgrimages. As Elizabeth Ann Seton is a patron of US Sea services, every October Shrine holds special mass and a pilgrimage in her honor. Your children can visit a Backpack blessing (organized right before education starts) and Back From the Dead Cemetery walk where they will meet actors in costumes of church saints and martyrs telling their life stories.

What if you are far away from Shrine?

Even if you are a resident of the US, it still takes time to drive to Emmetsburg, located at the US Central part. Anyway, you can save a lot on your airline ticket or hotel room if you own a travel credit card. Use it for your journey and it will also become a useful tool for making donations. Elisabeth Ann’s Shrine welcomes you every day so you can arrange your time to join an excursion (held daily from 10am to 3pm) or to participate in miscellaneous events organized by the Shrine. Arrange your visit according to a schedule of its events and spend your journey in a miraculous way.

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